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Outsourcing your tasks to a virtual assistant frees up your time to concentrate on the important stuff. Whether you’re a business or just a busy person that wants more from life – I can help.

Hey, I'm Laura; Your dedicated virtual assistant.


Whether you need ongoing business support, help with a one off project or someone to take care of your personal home and lifestyle errands, I’m here to remove some of those annoying time consuming tasks from your schedule to give you peace of mind.

Having your very own virtual assistant can save you time that you can put to better use and even save you money! 

It couldn’t be more straight forward. Read on to find out if a virtual assistant is for you.

Is your to-do list Overwhelming?

Why outsourcing to a freelancer is beneficial

And how a virtual Assistant can improve your lifestyle and business

No Overheads

Unlike employees, us virtual assistants are set up and ready to go! There’s no need to supply us with equipment, office space, or company benefits. We also take care of our own Tax and NI, and you don’t have to cover our holiday or sick pay! This saves you both money and that valuable time you’ve been craving.


Productivity And Efficiency

Did you know that the average employee is usually only productive for around 5 hours in a working day? As a virtual assistant my time doing your tasks is tracked and logged, so you know that the time you pay for is put aside and dedicated for your to-list. This also allows you to estimate how many hours you may need for the following month. 

Take Back Valuable Time

Passing on your to-do list to me means you have all that time back in your day to concentrate on the things that matter. Whether that’s the core business stuff and strategic thinking that needs your full attention, or perhaps you want more time with your loved ones. Or maybe you simply want more leisure time to travel and explore your passions!



Flexible and Bespoke

Some months you may need more or less hours than usual, or none at all! With a little notice, scaling hours up and down is super straight forward. You can also use your retainer hours for both business and personal errands to get the most out of your package! Being a freelancer also means I tailor my services offered just for you.


Here's a few examples of how you can utilize a virtual assistant.

Admin Support

Organisation and detoxing of emails, chasing unpaid invoices, CRM set up, cleansing and updating, transcription.

Business Support

Recruitment assistance (writing job adverts, shortlisting CV's, interviewing), following up with clients/customers, research (pricing/event/venues etc), liaising with team members.

Social Media and Blog Support

Setting up social media pages, scheduling content, researching topics, engaging with followers, responding to reviews, organising and sourcing photographers for products. headshots or events.

Lifestyle Management

Everything from gift sourcing, to researching services you require for yourself or family (baby sitters, pet sitters/boarders/veterinary services, booking appointments for general home maintenance ie plumber, window cleaners, gardeners). Research and find courses to help you develop, events for you to attend, or assist in planning parties and holidays. Regardless of why you require the support, there are endless tasks you can delegate to a virtual assistant to make your life easier. So you can be stress free, and concentrate on the things that matter most to you.

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Initially we'll chat about your requirements (if you're not quite sure yet, that's okay!). We can have this chat via a phone call, video meeting, or even email (your choice!).


The paperwork

I'll send over a contract for you to read through. At this stage we can discuss any concerns or additional questions that may crop up.



Paperwork signed and all sent back? Amazing! Now the exciting part begins; where you can actually start getting some time back for you. Once payment is received I can get to work.



You have someone you can rely on, confide in, and trust. Now go and make yourself a hot brew once I have the details I need so I can make a start on those tasks.

"Sometimes the most productive thing you can do is relax."

Mark Black


Ad Hoc

Per Hour


  • Great if you don't know how many hours you need. Hours are tracked and logged.
  • Pay Weekly.
  • Time dedicated just for you.
  • Need to be mindful of your budget.


Per Hour


  • Time put aside dedicated for your tasks, tracked and logged for peace of mind.
  • Minimum of 5 hours must be booked.
  • Saving £3.00 per hour.
  • Billed monthly in advance. Hours do not roll over into following month.

Project Fee


I am also happy to discuss your project and provide a quote bespoke to you and your needs.

  • Great for one off projects/tasks.
  • Ideal if you have a budget in mind and would like a tailored package.

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